The middle of nowhere civilization

Waking up in the country is a great feeling. The birds chirping, the silence, the distant sound of the train. The trees surrounding a few houses, each just a half an acre or more away. You awake to the lick of your dog and yawning you walk into your front or back yard…both just as big and leave the door cracked as you allow the cool morning air to seep in. You heat up the coffee in the coffee pot and sit down next to the fireplace. Arranging the logs for the best possible glow you light a match and throw it on the starter log. Slowly the fire begins to crackle while the distant beep of the microwave alerts you to your coffee being done. A few spoons  of sugar and some cream. Your dogs paws bounce happily on your kitchen floor. You and your best friend walk over to the couch. Snuggle next to the fire and you sip your coffee. Peace. Total peace.


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