San Fran Pie Tour

Tartine on Guerrero and 19th. Long lines. Great Tarts.

The Venue:

You’ve heard of them before and I’ve passed them up multiple time because of the 30 minute wait in line. Everyday you walk by and you see a line out of the door. People wait upwards of 30 to 45 minutes to eat the food there. I knew since today was the pie tour, I had to endure this to get to some of their signature tarts. mainly the chocolate banana tart and the coconut tart.  Once you get inside you order your food, fight for a table, or just simple take your treasures home. But there is something to this place. Their Tarts (pies) are amazing. After you get pass the long line you encounter a wonderful world of sweets.  It was too crowded to snap a pic but we did pick up two tarts that everyone who loves Tartine recommends.



Coconut Cream Tart:

As much as I hate lines, I’ll wait in a line again for this.  This is a very complex dessert. First the pastry shell (which I did not fully eat because it was too hard for my liking) is lined with chocolate. It’s dark chocolate and you can just scrape it from the bottom with your spoon. While scrapping and mixing the bottom with the filling you will be surprise to find caramel mixed in it. This just tickles the happiness senses. The custard filling has chunks and shredded pieces of coconut. This textural distinction creates a delightful crunch.  Every bit is complete with custard and coconuts. that really makes this tart stand out in complexity. There are almond flakes and whipped cream on top of the tart. Yum. It just kept getting better. This is a very complex and well put together tart. It’s pictured to the top. I would go back, stand in line, and wait for this again.



Everyone said this was the best. I am not sure if that did not resonate with me because I tasted the complexity of the coconut cream tart first or because this tart is more simple and I was expecting something more complex. It was good as far as bananas and chocolate goes. It’s a good  combination but out of all the pies and tarts I had today, this unfortunately did not make my list of the best. This tart is made of refreshing chunks of banana, hidden under a chocolate cream top. It’s a very simplistic taste of banana,  caramel, and chocolate.  There is also a hint of rum with the caramel which is a nice touch. It’s reminiscent of banana pudding. The way my grandma made it minus the wafers. It’s a fresh treat but each ingredient holds it’s own uniqueness instead of combining together to create a masterpiece.  Pictured on the bottom with chocolate. 


To compare. If you enjoy a complex and surprising taste I’d recommend the coconut tart. If you enjoy a more simplistic taste that remains true to all of its ingredients than the banana is great. 


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