San Fran Pie Tour

Three Babes Bakeshop (2128 Folsom.) Nice People. Great Pie. Gluten Free Options.

The Venue:

Cute. Fun. Intimate.  Hidden. These are the words that come to mind when you stumble upon this cafe. You can smell the wood burning from the outside fireplace. You walk down an outside garden or walk through the Stable Cafe, and you can find two or three women standing outside next to a huge fireplace with 5 or 6 pies out on display. Each looking delicious. They explain each pie to you and you get to chose which one you want. Do know that the location varies so make sure to look them up before you go. Today they were attached to the Stable Cafe.


These girls run the cafe and bake the pies.


The Pies from Heaven:

Honey walnut signature pie.

Pictured to the upper right on the photo below. You can understand why it’s the signature pie. Walnuts, honey, and custard combine to make this pie a perfect combination. It is similar to the design of a pecan pie. It looks like they combined the Walnuts, Custard, Honey, and other spices together in a bowl, poured the goodness into a crust that tastes just as sweet, and poured honey over the top and baked it. Often time with nut pies it is difficult to strike a balance between sweet and too sweet, but they achieved it. The crust can only be described as perfect as the crust and the filling blend so well together you can barley tell the difference. This is a pie you will always remember and a pie you must eat. They also sell pies through their website. Review the, on Yelp and most people say the same.


GLUTEN FREE key lime pie

Celiacs, just when you thought you were excluded from the pie experience they have two pies for you. Since some of our friends and family members are celiacs I had to try this one. Boy, did I get a treat. This is a very simple and sweet Key-lime pie. They make the crust from homemade gluten-free gram crackers.The filling has a very strong lemon overtone, which works well with the whipped topping and gram crackers.  The pie is extremely moisture and texture of the pie is superb. Usually when make gluten free desserts it’s hard to get the texture right, or create a dessert that tastes like gluten desserts do. But I could barley tell I was eating a gluten-free pie. Pictured bottom left.


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