San Fran Pie Tour

Baking Pies and Walking

I’ve been struggling with depression for awhile now. It just seems like I got away from myself.
I’ve been proactively working on overcoming it. Through classes, therapy,  medications. Whatever works.
Through all this disconnection to the world i’ve discovered the joy of baking and walking.  It seems like when i’m baking pies or walking I come alive.  I feel connectedness again. I remember i’m alive in the moment,  not just an outsider looking in.
I’ve been feeling guilty recently. Guilty about not being “here” with people through the day.  There have been moments when I feel “here” instead of like a movie goer watching a film of my life and trying to synthesis feeling.
But for whatever reason whenever I bake pies, cook a hard meal, or walk I am present.  I’m concentrated on the task at hand and everything feels real and I can feel my heart beat…
Sometimes I exhaust myself with activity just to keep the feeling going.
I believe with time and effort this confusing period Will pass. But in the meantime i’m a baking and walking machine.  This blog will begin to reflect that.


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