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The Joy of Dexter

I’m not sure how many people watched or watch Dexter.  But it’s an intriguing show. Perhaps you can find better use of your time than trying to relate to a murderer serial killer but the show can draw you in.
You find yourself trying to relate to this emotionless character and trying to prove his own diagnosis of himself wrong 
There’s a term for this. For lack of a better scientific term I’ll call it “Save a hoe” syndrome. Where you take the high road in someone’s life and try to save them from themselves. You want to give them everything you would like to have, everything you think they deserve. Show them the light.
But I think Dexter is a classic example of the outcome of such relationships. Despite the best laid plans and efforts Dexter only changes when he wants. Those transformations are sometimes short and sweet and some are long standing. But Dexter is Dexter.  His life is his life and perhaps the only person who understands that and seems endlessly happy and supportive is his wife/girlfriend Rita. No mattter what. She accepts him as he is from day one.
Perhaps that’s what happiness is. Total acceptance and understanding of what we know about loved ones and a conscious effort to deal with them on a level that’s comfortable for both people. 
Years of living life and of course  watching Dexter has taught me this.



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