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Knowing verses doing, when fear comes in

“I have learned over the years that when one’s mind is made up, this diminishes fear.”
-Rosa Parks

I enjoy this quote. The idea of it is intriguing and it fills me with confidence. I know what i want to do. I have a plan set forth. I’ve taken actual steps toward it. Invested in it, to say the least. However, here I am….days away from a deadline and I am stumped.

It is one thing to know, to even begin, but to follow through is the hardest thing. When your future depends on circumstances in your power and outside of your power it becomes scary. How much effort should you put forward for an unknown? It’s one thing to say “Monday will come” because in most cases monday will come, has come, and will probably continue to come. It’s another to say “On Monday I will try something new, like apply for a  new job that i’ve dreamed of.” This is a decision one has made. At that moment you are certain of it. However, if you get as far as starting the process, you can be stopped by so many things. For example, fear. All of us have tried something and failed. Some of us have had more failure than success and more success than failure. However, the prospect of failure is strong. Sometimes it can be overwhelming. You become afraid of getting your hopes up, your dreams dashed, your efforts in vain. 

You can think of a thousand mindless things you could be doing other than working toward your goals in stressful anxiety. I say all this, to justify, partially, what I am doing in the present moment. But also, to celebrate a powerful quote and yet point out it’s flaws. Fear is always there. Will always be there. You can not escape it. Nor should you deny it.

Fear is a healthy part of life. But perhaps. fear becomes less important, less controlling when a mind is made up and thoughts are put into action. It’s not the absence of fear that drives us forward, rather the courage to continue despite it.


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