Forgivness / Life / politics

On death and passion

Once again
These past few weeks I have had a preoccupation with death
Not the fear of death
But yet the question of how I live in my life
It scares me in that, I struggle between the basic human desire to live a long fruitful life
And my convictions of justice and human rights
Not that two cannot be combined
But there’s a risk to both
And I know, my life is full of possibilities
At a crossroads of sorts
I know what it is to be comfortable
And I know what it is to be restless
I’m afraid, of being disappointed in my life
Of not living these dreams I’ve had since I was a child
And I know, in my heart, in my gut
What these dreams mean and I am caught between fear of disappointment and the unknown
Nevertheless, I want to be remembered for something good
That I gave my life to a cause and made this world better in my own honorable way
It’s not enough to dream, I must also work
And it’s scary
So I sit here, full of options and possibilities
Paralyzed by the shame of my indecision
Passion in my heart
Blocks on my feet


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