Letting Go, Letting In

Life tends to take you in many different directions that always
require a healthy bit of obtaining and letting go.

The first is always easier than the later. That’s how we end up moving
from a studio to a 1 bedroom to a house and acquiring more and more
things where the first time we moved we needed a pick-up and a day to
pack, the second time took a budget truck and some friends, and the
third time requires professional movers.

What changes? Sure, some of us acquire families, pets, and the need to
fill empty spaces with stuff. But if it has just been you during these
moves do you ever wonder how you got so much stuff?

But the real issue here is letting go. Most of us hate letting go of
objects, dreams, goals, locations, and especially people. When it
comes to letting go of people we often dream of a fairytale future
where after some thought the person comes back to you changed, totally
different, ready to start it all over again. But usually, that doesn’t
happen. Usually we let go and the empty space is taken up by time and
dirt and we forever look out at the shadow of what use to be.

Sometimes we have to learn how to let go. Learn how to let go of
people, parts of our personalities, and our bad habits. We have to
become comfortable with that empty space sitting in front of us or
inside us. We have to be able to sit in ease with ourselves. Letting
go requires change and opportunity. It requires uncertainty to take
the place of the known.

But progress in life is often synonyms with letting go. If we learn to
let go and move in a different direction we open ourselves up to the
world and up to new possibilities.

Today I had a shift. I learned how to let go of the uncomfortable
feeling of being assertive and not allowing people to walk over me.
There’s a fear associated with opening up a part of you that you have
not utilized in awhile. Practicing a part of you that you have been
holding back and preserving yourself in the practice of being a better
you. Letting go of the outcome and developing into a person who can
achieve more by simply being themselves.

I tried it today and learned something about letting go and going into
an uncomfortable place. It’s uplifting, it’s empowering, and it’s a
process. Nothing changes overnight but it’s a step in the right
direction. Watching someone walk away is initially painful because you
are attached to the outcome. But as the door closes a surge of relief
comes over you and you know that you did the right thing.


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