There I was, standing in the Safeway line at 11:30pm at night, holding toilet paper in one arm and my boyfriend curiously eying the Tapioca pudding he was waiting to purchase and enjoy. A guy, three people ahead of us, was debating on the validity of a coupon he had used to purchase something he wanted to return. We were going nowhere and I was stuck inside my head thinking about my lack of passion and how to gain that passion back. Suddenly, I saw a Cosmopolitan magazine. It was littered with titles like “Jen’s engagement ring” “Demi’s Heartbreak” “How to kiss a naked man” and at the bottom read “Are you getting away from your dreams?” I took it as an omen and handed the toilet paper over to my boyfriend as I searched for page 146 for this article.

“Are you drifting?” It asked

Yes”. I thought.

“Write a blog.” It said.

Ok, so Maybe it was step 15 or something but it struck me as a solution.  Think of why you get angry about things and start writing a blog. At 11:30pm on a Tuesday night, it sounded like good advice. So I took it.

I’m an avid reader of TinyBuddha.com and other sites focused on mindful living and following your passions, but I do not think I was ever so moved as I am tonight. Considering it a tipping point in my passionless existence.  Once I figure out how to organize this blog I will do so- but my focus will be on understanding now. Feeling what I need to feel now. Noticing what’s going on now and of course being grateful for now as well.


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