10 Things no one told me about being a victim of rape
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10 Things no one told me about being a victim of rape

The rapist is a human! Surprise. S/he may be a star student. A fun person. Everyone may love them and support them. They may have even been “nice” to you before they raped you. Heck, they may even be “nice” to you after they rape you. They may try to cook you breakfast, drive you to the drugstore to get the morning after pill. Society has this weird idea of who is and who isn’t a rapist. Which, for the victim, makes things even more confusing. While we know, statistically speaking, most rapes happen with someone we know, it doesn’t make it easier to comprehend when your lab partner or coworker rapes you, or when a person who you though was your friend, willing participates in a gang rape. After my rape, I use to go to my rapist Facebook page and ask myself “Could he have done it?” I spent years trying to make him into a monster. But he’s a human who raped me. Who has a family, a college degree, a career. I actually even think he went on to law school. This has been a constant struggle for me. But rape is about power, and even powerful people, can do it. Continue reading



Forgiveness is a funny thing It’s easier said then done Everyone says it’s necessary But no one knows what it looks like Forgiving and forgetting is considered the epicenter of naivete. Forgiving without forgetting is this fine line between holding a grude deep inside one’s conscious and Actually forgiving. Deep inside my mind, I still … Continue reading