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Dyslexia and Me

As someone who is dyslexic I find there to be a constant anxiety when public speaking When learning new complex mathematical problems I freeze in fear of being “found out” As someone who is dyslexic and a first generation college student I have to navigate the landmines of privileged Hoping to know the right sophisticated … Continue reading



Fear is contagious It’s pounding in my heart But I know what justice looks like I’ve imagined freedom on the other side It’s easier to be a loud stander by Than join in Easier to watch and debate Than to stand up to Fear Easier to live by ideas Than by action So keep the … Continue reading

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American Exceptionalism

Maybe the French had it right

They gave the United States the gift of liberty, of lady liberty and those who received it, took it, and set it up on an island off the mainland and charged anyone who wants to see a piece of it up close. The prices increase the closer you get: to get to the island you have to pay to go to the base you have to pay to go to the crown you have to pay and you can stay there all day, until the park closes and then you have to go home and pay the next day to see a piece of it, the prices increasing the deeper you go this is not liberty, this is not freedom, this is an illusion, this is a dream and we need to wake up from this nightmare Continue reading